AEGIS W03-Intro to Wireless & IoT Security

The AEGIS W03 is a Sword Session. In this webinar, we invited Shinan (personal website: from UChicago on Introduction to Wireless and IoT Security. Shinan will also give a talk on his recent paper on USENIX security and NDSS’s best poster. Welcome aboard!

This webinar includes:

  1. Intro to Wireless & IoT security
  2. [Security’18] All Your GPS Are Belong To Us: Towards Stealthy Manipulation of Road Navigation Systems
  3. [NDSS’19 (best poster)] Security Analysis of Multi-Sensor Fusion based Localization in Autonomous Vehicles


  • Jul 5 SUN, 0900-1000 [GMT+8]
  • Jul 4 SAT, 2000-2100 [CDT]


  • Intro to Wireless & IoT Security, Shinan@UChicago

Zoom info:

Time: Jul 5 2020, 0900 a.m. Beijing, Shanghai

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