AEGIS W12-Domain Spcefic Accelerator

After National Holiday, we resumed our regular webinar. The 12th AEGIS Webinar is a shield session. We invited Sihao Liu from UCLA to share some interesting ideas on domain-specific accelerator, with a special focus on hardware generating and design. The related research will also be introduced on MICRO’20 Tutorial (Democratizing Spatial Accelerator Research). The DSAGEN is a full-stack design framework that focus on rule-based or non rule-based stream storage access, graph-based dataflow computing, compilation implementation, hardware designing, and space searching.

Related works have been published on ISCA’20, ISCA’17, HPCA’20, and MICRO’19.


  • Oct 18 SUN, 1000-1100 [GMT+8]
  • Oct 17 SAT, 2100-2200 [CDT]


  • Domain-specific accelerators
  • Sihao Liu@UCLA

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