AEGIS 2021 Schedules and Plans

The AEGIS 2021 webinar will be resumed starting from April, and we have made the following improvements:


Currently AEGIS is open for free registeration. Potential applicants may fill the google sheet and then follow the instruction to send an email to


The AEGIS 2021 webinar will be divided into Spring and Fall cycles, to avoid the final exams and new year holiday (GMT+8):

  • Spring Cycle: April 3 - May 29
  • Fall Cycle: July 3 - November 27

Webinar Form

The AEGIS arranges the main keynotes once per two weeks, and seminars may appear during keynotes. The arrangement is subject to change due the uncertainties of talkers. All these webinar lasts for 1 hour, plus a Q&A session.

  • Keynotes: invited talkers will give a lecture on his/her recent published papers
  • Workshops:
    • Introductions/Tutorials: invited talkers will give a introductory lecture on a specific field/tool, or give introductions of basic knowledges for the upcoming keynote.
    • BOAF (birds-of-a-feather) session: a casual gether-around of AEGIS members with a given topic, ranging from how to find ideas, read papers, write rebuttals, to how to arrange schedules.
    • Paper Reading: invited talker will introduce his/her favorite paper
      In order to involve more dalaos from our group to introduce knkowledge of their own fields, we updated our webinar arrangement. We hope to encourage more cross-discipline interactions between different researchers and come up with new ideas. Therefore, we have three types of talks.

Video Release

With the consent from invited talkers, the videos of keynotes will be released to bilibili and YouTube (Q&A session will be trimmed). The workshops will not appear on these platforms.


For any questions, please contact our email.

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