The 2nd AEGIS Symposium on Cyber Security

2023 - 2024 (Online)

The Annual rEading Group in Information Security (AEGIS) Symposium is an annual symposium held online by a group of researchers of Privacy and Security in Computer Science.

The AEGIS'23 Symposium features 12 talks in 4 sessions, covering the state-of-the-art research works with a focus on cyber space security and privacy since last year. The schedule for the full program will be announced in the program page.

We have successfully held the AEGIS 2023 Symposium. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees! See you in 2024!


  • Session 1: Machine Learning and Large Language Model
  • Session 2: Building the Cyber Infrastructure
  • Session 3: Novel Attacks in Emerging Computing Systems
  • Session 4: Emerging Threats in Cyber Space

Organization Committee:

Program Chair Yuqing Yang The Ohio State University


The program committee is happy to announce 12 speakers for AEGIS'23:

Speaker Affiliation
Hailun Ding Rutgers University
Linyi Li University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Xiang Li Tsinghua University
Hongbin Liu Duke University
Shinan Liu University of Chicago
Yinxi Liu Chinese University of Hong Kong
Kexin Pei Columbia University
Xinyue Shen CISPA Helmholtz Center for Computer Security
Ke Wu Carnegie Mellon University
Chong Xiang Princeton University
Yuqing Yang The Ohio State University
Zhuo Zhang Purdue University