The 1st AEGIS Symposium on CyberSecurity

2020 (Online)


  • 16. Federated Learning Tian Li (Carnegie Mellon University) 

  • 15. Verifying DNNs with Formal Method Ying Sheng, Haoze Wu (Stanford University) 

  • 14. Bluetooth Security Haohuang Wen (The Ohio State University) 

  • 13. Formal Method Introduction Ying Sheng, Haoze Wu (Stanford University) 

  • 12. Domain-specific Accelerator Sihao Liu (University of California, Los Angeles) 

  • 11. ZKP Introduction Ye Zhang (New York University) 

  • 10. Topics on Zero Knowledge Proof Jiaheng Zhang (University of California, Berkeley) 

  • 9. Morpheus: Vulnerability-Tolerant Secure Architecture (ASPLOS'19) Shibo Chen (University of Michigan) 

  • 8. Automating Attack Analysis on Blockchains with Deep Reinforce Learning Mingxun Zhou (Carnegie Mellon University) 

  • 7. Paper Reading: Linux Performance Issues Bowen Huang (Yale University) 

  • 6. Paper Reading: Meltdown Attack Yuqing Yang (The Ohio State University) 

  • 5. Paper Reading: Attribute-based Encryption Junyi Tao (Stoony Brook University) 

  • 4. Paper reading: Spectre Attack Yuqing Yang (The Ohio State University) 

  • 3. Wireless & IOT Security Introduction Shinan Liu (University of Chicago) 

  • 2. Smartphone Bowen Huang (Yale University) 

  • 1. SGX Introduction Lianke Qin (University of California, Santa Barbara)